Proven over 37 years, our
2 Sigma Math Program
builds a confident & resilient foundation in math to put students on the early path towards elite college admission

Personalized, online, 1:1 math enrichment 
for grades 2-8


avg. grade levels ahead in math after first year program


perfect math scores on both the SAT & ACT


ivy league acceptances in the last 10 years

+1 Million

tutoring sessions 

 A personalized learning experience to build resilient math scholars

1:1 private learning 

Weekly online 1:1 sessions with an experienced math tutor to help students of all skill levels

Small group classes

Online & leveled weekly math classes to help students stay ahead of their grade level


Mastery focused curriculum

Students must achieve 90% proficiency in each subject before moving ahead in their program 

Livius tutoring has been a great benefit to my son. They are very professional and punctual implementing and executing the tutoring sessions. 

Their promptness for sending out information and reminders are excellent. The classes are interesting, interactive and very informative. My son loved the sessions and looked forward to logging on for them. I only wish we had heard about them sooner. Please give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Patricia L, 
May 2021

2 Sigma Math Program Options

 2 sigma program - MONTHLY
Most Flexible
  • 4 weekly (60 minutes) private tutoring sessions
  • Experienced math tutoring experts
  • Full access to mastery based math curriculum
  • Homework help support
  • Tutor match guarantee
full 2 sigma program
  • 12 weekly (60 minutes) private tutoring sessions
  • 12 weekly live, leveled group math classes starting Sept 13th
  • Pre and post assessment for skill building
  • Experienced math tutoring experts
  • Full semester long access to mastery based math curriculum
  • Homework help support
  • Tutor match guarantee

5.0 out of 5 on Google Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in the monthly program and how do I cancel?

As part of the monthly program your student will get 4 private tutoring sessions with an experienced Math tutor and begin the digital mastery focused curriculum. If you decide you do not want to continue all you need to do is reach out to your dedicated academic advisor and they will cancel the program for you before charging the next monthly fee of $299. 

What curriculum is used by the tutors in the program? 

Our goal is to ensure students perform well on high stakes tests and what is taught in the classroom. This is why we use the Dreambox standards-aligned adaptive curriculum to ensure students are building skills through instruction and practice that will directly apply to what they are learning in the classroom.

How do you determine what level each student be in?

As part of our semester long program students will take a pre-assessment through the Renaissance Star Math test. This standards aligned exam will show what your student's math skill level and help identify the path forward towards raising their skill level through focused instruction & practice. 

What separates this math program from the rest?

Unlike any other education company, our 2 Sigma Math program was reverse engineered from 37 years of elite college admissions success to understand what type of math skills students need for building a pathway towards top-tier collegiate success.  

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 Founded in 1984, Livius is one of the leading college preparation providers focusing specifically on top tier achievement. Our combination of proprietary strategies, mastery level focus, and premier academic talent has allowed us to achieve amazing results for our students. In the last 10 years alone, Livius has sent over 2000 students to Ivy League schools, over 1000 Perfect SAT & ACT scores, and $30,000 per student in merit-based scholarships. Livius is now focusing on taking these amazing programs and making it accessible to students around the world through accessible online formats that are flexible, convenient, and affordable. 
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